Welcome to Shiva Cor

Keep Your Body Energized & Strong

Monthly Trigger Point Myofascial Release™ Workshops – 2nd Saturday

Monthly Yindalini Yoga Series – 1st Sunday

Weekly Yin Yoga Hybrids; Yin Yoga & Yindaflow Yoga Classes 

Coming together in a special way…

Welcome to Shiva Cor

Keep Your Body Energized & Strong


Fall Yin Hybrid classes and Workshops with Shiva Cor

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About Shiva Cor

Besides the story of my many names and the desire to be it all, I realize that all I want to do in life is serve people. My mother told once, “Just go save a tree!” As much as I love trees and getting into nature, it’s the people in pain that I am here to help. 

What I truly learned in the last couple of years is that the only person I can save is myself. Just like everyone else has to experience in this world is the acceptance of who we are. Please read more about how I discovered who Shiva Cor truly is to me.


Shiva Classes


Online Yindaflow Yoga Class

  • Coral-Lei Jane
  • Tuesday 06:30-07:30 PM

Online Yin Yoga Classes

  • Coral-Lei Jane
  • Mon, Wed & Thur 09:30-10:30

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Prana package


  • 1 class
  • live & interactive
  • Access to any Online class
  • $10.50 per/class
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Zen package


  • 10 Classes
  • live & interactive
  • Access to any online classes
  • $8 per class
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Got Pain?

 Healing is Personal 

One moment at a time…

Online OR Shiva’s Studio

Workshops TPMR™

November 14, 2020


Yindalini Yoga 3-Series

Coral-Lei Teaching

November 1, 2020


Shiva Blog

Fall Schedule with Coral-Lei Jane
Yin Yoga Hybrids…
Weekly Online Offerings

1) Yin yoga  Mon, Wed & Thurs @9:30
2) Yindaflow Yoga Tuesday @18:30 Saturday @9:30

Special Event

Autumn Equinox Sept. 22 6:30-8:30 pm $26.25

The equinox occurs twice per year when the sun crosses the equator and the day and night are the same length. Come and balance your energy and be amongst like-minds.

Monthly Events

A) Yindalini Yoga Monthly 3-Part Series

👉 1st Sunday @10-12 am 👉Oct 4 Nov 1 Dec 6 each $26.25

B) Trigger Point Myofascial Release™ Monthly 3-Part Workshops  

👉 2nd Saturday @2-4 pm 👉 Oct 10th Nov 14 Dec 12 each $36.75

—- Surrender into Ease – 5Ws… Free Up Pain

👇 (B) TPMRbreak down👇
1. Skull, Upper Neck, and Shoulders;
2. Lower Back and Hips 
3. Taking Care of the Details… From Extremities to Joints
• Map your Body – Free Tensions – Release Referred Pain
*** register for each class to receive a personal message from Coral-Lei before purchasing 
**OR Email Coral-Lei Jane

Online Kinesiology Events and Classes

Being in a room with Coral-Lei is a unique experience. “What a gem you are Cj. Nothing and no one disturbed your focus on me, and you are so vigilant in seeing when I use the wrong muscles. Wow, what vigilance and observation powers you have.” – Edna .R.

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