Welcome to Shiva Cor

Keep Your Body Energized & Strong

Monthly Trigger Point Myofascial Release™ Workshops – 2nd Saturday

Monthly Yindalini Yoga Series – 1st Sunday

Weekly Yin Yoga Hybrids with Yin Yoga Classes 

Coming together in a special way…

Welcome to Shiva Cor

Keep Your Body Energized & Strong


Fall Yin Hybrid classes and Workshops with Shiva Cor

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About Shiva Cor

Besides the story of my many names and the desire to be it all, I realize that all I want to do in life is serve people. My mother told once, “Just go save a tree!” As much as I love trees and getting into nature, it’s the people in pain that I am here to help. 

What I truly learned in the last couple of years is that the only person I can save is myself. Just like everyone else has to experience in this world is the acceptance of who we are. Please read more about how I discovered who Shiva Cor truly is to me.


Shiva Classes


Online Yin Hybrid Yoga Class

  • Coral-Lei Jane
  • Tuesday 18:30-19:30 PM Saturday 09:30-10:30 AM

Online Yin Yoga Classes

  • Coral-Lei Jane
  • Mon, Wed & Thur 09:30-10:30

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Prana package


  • 1 class
  • live & interactive
  • Access to any Online class
  • $10.50 per/class
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Zen package


  • 10 Classes
  • live & interactive
  • Access to any online classes
  • $8 per class
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Got Pain?

 Healing is Personal 

One moment at a time…

Online OR Shiva’s Studio

Workshops TPMR™

December 12, 2020


Yindalini Yoga 3-Series

Coral-Lei Jane Teaching

December 6, 2020


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Fall Schedule with Coral-Lei Jane
Yin Yoga Hybrids…
Weekly Online Offerings
5 Classes…
1) Yin yoga  Mon, Wed & Thurs @9:30
2) Yin Hybrid Yoga Tuesday @18:30 3) Yin Hybrid Saturday’s @9:30

Special Events

Winter Solstice Zoom

Dec. 21st, 6:30-8:30 pm $26.25

The solstice, which falls on Dec. 21 this year, marks the first day of winter. It starts the moment the Northern Hemisphere is pointed at its farthest distance from the sun. The winter solstice is considered a turning point in the year in many cultures

Monthly Events

A) Yindalini Yoga1st Sun @10-12 am Dec 6 $26.25 

B) Trigger Point with Yin 2nd Sat @2-4 pm Dec 12 $36.75

• Map your Body – Free Tensions – Release Referred Pain
*** register for each class to receive a personal message from Coral-Lei before purchasing 
**OR Email Coral-Lei Jane

Online Kinesiology Events and Classes

Being in a room with Coral-Lei is a unique experience. “What a gem you are Cj. Nothing and no one disturbed your focus on me, and you are so vigilant in seeing when I use the wrong muscles. Wow, what vigilance and observation powers you have.” – Edna .R.

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