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We all have one, and sometimes we just need to be heard, yet most times, all that we have to do is simply stop talking. Please, Oh Yes, keep it simple and tell me about you.

Coral-Lei Jane

Hello, I’m Coral-Lei Jane, and I’d like to share a journey that has profoundly shaped who I am today.

Life is a complex mix of experiences—some uplifting and others incredibly challenging. My life’s journey embodies this complexity, leading me to where I stand today.

In 2008, my life took a dramatic turn. What appeared initially as a setback unfolded into a pivotal, life-changing event. I suffered from a severe brain virus, a challenge that tested my resilience in unimaginable ways. This wasn’t just a hurdle; it was a profound transformation.

After graduating from the University of British Columbia in 2000 with a specialization in kinesiology and exercise science, my passion has been the deep understanding of the human body—its muscles, joints, nerves, and their interconnectedness. Yet, the personal insights gained from my health crisis were something my academic background hadn’t prepared me for.

The virus caused significant swelling in the left hemisphere of my brain, resulting in paralysis on my right side and loss of speech. I was even unable to recognize my loved ones, including my four-year-old daughter. This was undoubtedly the toughest period of my life.

However, this intense adversity brought with it a newfound compassion and understanding. I had always considered my natural athletic ability and connection to my body as my greatest strengths, but this experience shifted my perspective profoundly. It instilled in me a deep empathy, particularly for those enduring pain and suffering.

Today, I view my journey not only as a personal story but as a source of strength and empathy. This experience has enabled me to connect with others more deeply, understanding their pain and victories in ways I previously couldn’t.

I invite you to join me at ShivaCor.com, where we explore navigating life’s challenges with resilience and compassion, drawing from our personal experiences. Here, every story, including yours, is valued and deeply understood.


Yet, my story extends beyond my personal challenges, intertwining with my spiritual and cultural heritage, which adds depth to my identity and mission.

As a Métis woman, I am a proud descendant of a lineage rich in history and resilience. My ancestor, Cuthbert Grant, was a renowned Medicine Man and a leader among the Métis, famously allied with Louis Riel during the pivotal moments of the 1800s. This heritage instills in me a profound sense of pride and responsibility towards healing and community.

Being Métis is not merely a facet of my identity—it’s a commitment to the wellness and recovery of my people, honoring and continuing the legacy of my ancestors.

By integrating my personal experiences with my cultural roots, I’ve carved a distinctive path in helping others. Every person’s history is invaluable, and fully appreciating it can significantly empower their healing process.

With heartfelt gratitude and understanding,

Sat Nam/ Namaste,

Coral-Lei Jane Schweigert

Enhancing Healing through Biomechanics and Trigger Point Therapy at Complete Pain Relief

Shiva Cor Academy, spearheaded by Coral-Lei Jane Schweigert, extends its wellness services through its dedicated kinesiology website, Complete Pain Relief. The website emphasizes Coral-Lei Jane’s comprehensive approach to healing, which incorporates biomechanics and trigger point therapy, essential for those recovering from injuries. Her methods focus on understanding and correcting the mechanical movements of the body to enhance overall health and function.

We are excited to announce that the Complete Pain Relief website is currently under development. This new resource will offer comprehensive insights into biomechanics and trigger point therapy to aid in healing and recovery. Stay tuned for more updates as we prepare to launch this valuable tool to better serve our clients and enhance their wellness journey.

Trigger point therapy, a significant aspect of her practice, targets specific points of muscle tension, offering relief and facilitating quicker recovery from muscle injuries. This approach is particularly beneficial for clients dealing with chronic pain or those who have experienced recent injuries.

Coral-Lei Jane is also a recognized vendor for ICBC (Insurance Corporation of British Columbia), allowing her to provide specialized care for individuals recovering from motor vehicle accidents. This partnership underscores her commitment to delivering effective treatments that are accessible to those in need.

Her passion for client satisfaction is evident in her personalized care plans, which are designed to address the unique needs of each client, ensuring they receive the most effective treatment. Whether it’s through one-on-one sessions or group workshops, Coral-Lei Jane’s dedication to her clients’ well-being is a cornerstone of her practice at Shiva Cor Academy.

For more detailed information on her techniques and services, you can visit the Complete Pain Relief section of the Shiva Cor website. This resource provides deeper insights into how biomechanics and trigger point therapy are used to facilitate healing and recovery.