Enhance Your Strength Through Kinesiology Therapy

Kinesiology Therapy in South Surrey, BC, is a specialized form of therapy. Physical therapy is a strong approach that improves flexibility, strength, and mobility through exercise. However, this therapy targets muscle stabilization, imbalances, and neuromuscular coordination. To kick start the process, a thorough assessment is conducted to grasp each individual’s unique requirements fully. Then, a personalized exercise program is created, which includes resistance training.

Also, it is a progressive overload principle and functional movement pattern. Resistance training stimulates muscle growth and strength.

Physical therapists are examining the patient’s body.

How Can Kinesiology Therapy Improves Your Strength?

Kinesiology therapy is also valuable in injury rehabilitation, helping rebuild strength and restore functional abilities. Working with a qualified kinesiologist provides tailored guidance for maximizing the benefits and achieving improved strength and physical performance. Here are precise details about all the amazing ways to improve your strength.

1.  Exercise Prescription

It starts with a thorough evaluation by a kinesiologist. Therapists assess your strength, flexibility, and range of motion. They identify limitations and areas of concern. Moreover, this assessment guides them in creating a personalized exercise program. The exercises focus on improving specific areas and building overall strength.

2.  Resistance Training

Resistance training is crucial for kinesiology therapy in South Surrey, BC, to enhance strength. It includes exercises that oppose your muscles, pushing them to conquer the resistance. It can be accomplished using weights, weight machines, resistance bands, or bodyweight exercises. The aim is to promote muscle growth and boost strength by causing tiny muscle fiber damage. Over time, the repaired and adapted fibers become stronger and more durable.

3.  Progressive Overload

Its purpose is to challenge your muscles and enhance strength gains constantly. You can accomplish this by adding more weight, improving the number of repeats, or strengthening the exercises. When you invariably challenge your muscles, you encourage further adaptations and ensure continuous improvements in strength.

4.  Muscle Balance And Stabilization

It aims to enhance muscle balance and stabilization. Imbalances arise when some muscles are stronger or weaker than their counterparts, causing posture problems and raising injury risks. Kinesiologists detect these imbalances and create exercises that target weaker muscles while minimizing strain on stronger ones. Its approach restores balance, enhances muscle function, and boosts strength.

5.  Neuromuscular Training

It enhances communication between your nerves and muscles. The main goal is to improve coordination, balance, and proprioception. It is achieved through challenging coordination and balance exercises, like agility drills or unstable surface exercises. These workouts make your nervous system more efficient at activating the correct muscles. In a result, you will achieve more strength and control over your moves learning through 1 on 1 classes in south surrey, BC.

6.  Functional Movement Patterns

Therapy of Kinesiology emphasizes functional movement patterns and exercises replicating movements in everyday life or specific activities. These exercises

mimic real-life situations and sports movements, making them highly relevant and practical. By incorporating functional movements into therapy, kinesiologists ensure that the strength gained directly translates to improved performance in daily activities or sports. However, this approach enhances overall strength and movement efficiency and reduces the risk of injury.

7.  Injury Rehabilitation

Kinesiology therapy in South Surrey, BC, is vital in rehabilitating injuries and restoring strength. After an injury, muscles can become weak, and movement patterns may be affected. A kinesiologist will design an individualized rehabilitation program that focuses on restoring strength, range of motion, and functional abilities. The exercises will target the specific muscles and movement patterns related to the injury, gradually rebuilding strength and facilitating recovery.

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