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Online Kinesiology

What is kinesiology? Basically, it is the study of movement. Kinesiology can address the biomechanics, physiology, and even psychological dynamic principles of movement.  

Seeking out a professional 

As everyone around the World has Learned, Self-Care is Number 1!

Regardless of whether or not you have taken the time, there’s always a way to get the help you need. The time is now, and asking for help can be easy. 

Coral-Lei Jane is a practicing member at BC Association of Kinesiology and works with ICBC Clients. She is accepting clients at her home studio by following COVID protocols.

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Zoom Online Kinesiology Meeting

Online with Coral-Lei Jane, BHK, E-RYT

When no matter how safe things are, sometimes having one-on-one feels safer on-screen. 

Through the blessings of my love for yoga, I found a way to offer this in a classroom setting. Teaching people how to apply the simple techniques to;

  1. find the Trigger Point
  2. apply the pressure needed to hold the without moving until the pressure comes down
  3. hold a long stretch to ensure the tissue lengthens (better known as Yin Yoga)

Finally, Shiva Cor has Coral-Lei teach online many classes per week along with workshops!

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and download the free app for an easy way to find guidance. Just click on the blue and you have access right away. The messages are sent to the teacher as soon as you click on the register with the blue, and boom, you connect!  

“As a kinesiologist I have studied the benefits of Trigger Point applications. And within this learning, I have not only practised continuously on myself with profound results, I also apply this with to my clients on a weekly basis since 2002.” – Coral-Lei Jane

Twice a Month Events with TPMR

Trigger Point Workshop: 2021 @ 2-5PM February 09th, 20th

Reserve your spot:

How much?


1st Time Trigger Point: $41.99 

90 Minute Postural Clinic: $26.25


Unlimited Monthly Membership – $52.50

– includes weekly classes, twice a month workshops at low rates, and a complimentary Yindalini moon series.

Purchase Twice a Month Workshops – $63.00

– receive a complimentary free Posture Clinic for both workshops

Workshop for 1st Time Members: $36.75

Repeaters: $33.60

IN-STUDIO COSTS EXTRA… contact Coral-Lei for more information

Trigger Point Myofascial Release™ 

Jan 9th and 23rd, Saturday @2-5 pm each $41.99

  1. Jan 9th – Knees to Toes
  2. Jan 23rd  Elbows to Fingers

— Map your Body – Free Tensions – Release Referred Pain

Winter Schedule with Coral-Lei Jane 

  1. Online Yin Yoga Classes Monday – Thursday 09:30
  2. Trigger Point Class with Yin Yoga Saturday 09:30

**FYI *SATURDAY is a different link and zoom ID and Password

Special Event

Full Moon Gathering January 28th, 6:30-8:30 pm $26.25

*** register for each class to receive a personal message from Coral-Lei before purchasing 

**OR – Email Coral-Lei Jane or