Workshops and Special Events

Workshops and Special Events

Starting Tuesday, May 7th at 6:30 PM
Join us for a guaranteed 6-week myofascial pain release program. Or, choose a single class .
Week 1: Neck and Shoulders Week 2: Upper Back Week 3: Lower Back Week 4: Hips Week 5: Thighs & Hamstrings Week 6: Calves & Feet
Each session will focus on identifying trigger points and applying Yin Yoga stretches to target “hot button” muscle areas for relief and improved flexibility.
Cost per Course ONLY $30.00 each

Cosmic Throat Singing                                                                                                                                                                   $52.50

“Matthew Kocel’s music is so primal, so rich and brilliantly soulful… It touches us on a profoundly deep level and opens our hearts…” – Dr Joe Dispenza
Saturday @7PM, April 20, May 31, June 22

Sacred Sound w. Theda Phoenix                                                                                                                                              $47.25

A songwriter and intuitive singer, whose intimate and authentic performances reveal a passion for creating a love-centered life, concern for the conscious evolution of humanity and preserving our beautiful earth.
Friday @7 PM, May 3rd

Community Healing Drum Circle & Meditation Soundscape                                                                                 $42.00

Rhonda Bruce is a certified drum circle facilitator, Reiki Master and Qigong Instructor. She has been facilitating drum circles around AB and BC for 11years & is very happy to collaborate with Shiva Cor Academy for our 1st Healing Community Drum Circle & Meditation Soundscape
Friday, April 25 & May 26 @7PM-8:30PM

Grow Your Own Microgreens                                                                                                                                                     $90.00

David Cutcher teaches How to Grow Micro Greens
An immersive experience where we’ll delve into the art of growing your own nutrient-packed micro greens.
May 5th @10AM-1PM

Viking Rune Art Class                                                                                                                                                                     $78.75

Rune Symbol Art Class instruction by Sussanne Hoiberg
15 minute Nordic Meditation to connect to the Norse Gods (Freya, Odin & Thor)
All skill levels welcome from beginner to expert
2.5 hours of watercolour painting & mixed media instruction & demonstrations.
Explore styles, and techniques used especially for watercolour and oil pastel
Supplies Included

Synergy: Exploring the Intersection of Jazz, Yoga & Somatics                                                                             $55.00

An Immersive Experience Blending the Movement Philosophy of Hatha Yoga, the Soulful Rhythms of Jazz & the Power of Embodiment Practice.
Contact Rachel: [email protected]

COMING IN THE FALL Unlock, Release, and Heal: Integrative Massage and Yoga                                $175.00

CE Credits
Dive into the transformative world of body wellness with our upcoming one-day workshop,
With massage tables, and massage chair, whether you’re looking to deepen your professional skills or embark on a personal health journey, this workshop offers a unique opportunity to explore the synergy between massage techniques and yin yoga to achieve holistic healing and balance. ** Coming Soon ** @10PM-2PM

Upcoming Class Flow & Glow: Gentle Hatha for Radiant Well-being                                                                   $25.00

Special Class with Leanna Harrington

** Coming Soon **