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Life is always moving, and when it puts pressure on me I’ve learned to listen. The best way to do that is by silencing my mind, and who can do that? I find this stillness during my Sadhana, my second spiritual name, meaning daily spiritual practice.

Have you ever had someone change your name, or pronounce it wrong? Any Nicknames? Get teased?

I always had to spell my name, Coral-Lei Jane Schweigert, and don’t forget about the hyphen! Lol. This has become a big thing with my Mom and the government.

Coral is what my friends called me growing up… with some teasing, “Coral Reef”.

The first time I was called Coral-Lei by someone other than family was on the radio at work, “109, wake up!”, as the Forman climbed 13 steps to bang on the window… Oops! Could’ve been grounds for suspension.

I was a truck driver for a few years in a coal mine with my dad. My truck of choice was driving a 170 tonne Terex, bigger than a monster truck. Heehee, – plus it was the fastest truck on the hill. This was on my 6th job at the age of 19. 

Back to my name… I got my Metis card after becoming a kinesiologist at age 30 – where I am known as coral-lei jane schweigert still to this day… see the hyphen in Coral-Lei? It is even on my Passport, as Coral-Lei Jane Schweigert.

And then the government decided to take away the hyphen because it didn’t get added to my laminated birth certificate. My Mom was super pissed, and probably still is considering that was only in 2019! Perhaps I get it why she’s mad, considering how much energy she applied to find the perfect name. She went on about it and wanted me to fight for my name as to not lose the middle name. She went on about it when I need my daughter, Ashana Lee Rose Schweigert; I never cared and they haven’t dropped the Rose.

Coral-Lei (sounds like Coralee), one word and mom wanted the government to keep my middle name, Jane, and they do still to this day. Dad chose my second name, “sweet baby JANE”. Jane. Plain Jane. Sweet baby Jane was a nickname Dad called me when I was young. So sweet. 

It seems that my name Coral-Lei was constantly working on me. Today, my driver’s license says Coral Lei! Coral won. No more Hyphen!

The story goes a bit longer… I am Metis. 

Dad’s dad, Grandpa Ben Schweigert, was 100 percent German and married a Metis wife named Mabel Ledoux. 

Great, great, great, great Grandpa Cuthbert Grant, was a Medicine man and was recognized as a leader of the Métis people. He had a very colorful life with 3 wives and have fathered many children. The second wife he was involved in a mariage du pays with Marie Desmaris and there from this union, a daughter Maria was born (b. July 15, 1820). (Maria would later marry Pascal Breland, a magistrate at St. François Xavier.).  Cuthbert’s final wife, Marie-Marguerite McGillis, they had 11 children.  

I am blessed to be a Quarter Metis, or known as Indigenous. Plus, I feel honored knowing about the history and how much family is out there, on both sides!

Then why Shiva?

I love yoga, specifically kundalini yoga with all of its beautiful parts. I dove into this practice and finally found consistency. Hence, my middle chosen name Sadhana

Shiva Sadhana Kaur is the spiritual name given to me in 2018.

Why Cor, not Kaur? My sister, another Metis who is an RMT and a few years younger, had shortened Coral to Cor…. very sweet and it feels softer. Warm. Kinder.

“You have been blessed to live as Shiva Sadhana Kaur, the sacred Princess/Lioness who, by having a perfectly disciplined spiritual practice, overcomes any challenge bringing vitality, hope, and God’s light into the world.


“Shiva is a Name of God which represents the ability to eliminate negativity and darkness by generating new life which can reach up to embrace celestial light. Sadhana means disciplined spiritual practice. All females receive the name Kaur – the Princess/Lioness of God who walks with grace and strength throughout her life. 

Use the power of your name, Shiva Sadhana Kaur, to realize your gift – that through dedication to a life based on spiritual values, you transcend all negativity bringing hope, vitality, and God’s light on the earth. Infuse each breath with the inner sound current of your name to be immersed in the vitality and integrity of this blessing. Your commitment to the disciplined practice that results in higher consciousness brings new life, opportunity, and radiance to the minds and hearts of all those around you. Experience the wonderful sound of your name as it enables you to achieve the highest fulfillment of your soul.

The power of your spiritual name is that the more you speak and hear it, the more it permeates your being, opening you to experience its NADH (universal inner sound current). Consciously merge with the vibration of the NADH to come into harmony with your highest destiny.”

Many blessings – Nirinjan Kaur/ Director of Spiritual Names

Coral is a name I rarely hear anymore… and when I hear it my mind goes back to this statement:

“As the survivor of a near-fatal brain virus, I know how intricate and complex the body is, and its innate ability to heal itself. As a kinesiologist, I have learned about every muscle, joint, nerve, and system to discover how interconnected these systems are when the body is out of balance. The TBI, traumatic brain injury, I had in 2008. 

I am on a mission to assist in enhancing peoples health, by showing them these simple but powerful techniques for self-healing. Transforming lives, raising consciousness, and creating new paradigms is part of my overall mission. If we all strive for radiant health and self-realization, the world will be at peace and be One. I shall continue one soul, one body, one heart at a time”.

All my Love for EveryThing…

Shiva Coral-Lei

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