Sharing Love for my Passion…

“This class felt like I went into a deep meditation all the way through the class.” She then followed with this cute, yet unforgettable statement, “If you were a rock star I would follow you around like one of your groupies.” 

Teaching is in my heart and soul

Whoever is spared personal pain must feel himself called to help and diminishing the pain of others. We must all carry our share of the misery which lies upon the world.” – Albert Schweitzer

Yurt Shavasana

“I love the gift of versatility! With a multitude of amazing hats to wear in one lifetime, my love for learning about many unique things has expanded throughout the years. As I remain grounded as a practicing kinesiologist with the British Columbia Association of Kinesiologists (BCAK 2001), I am blessed with knowledge and draw much inspiration to help others. When I teach it comes from years of experience of learning. Like most, I have a really great story and fascinated with healing my own pain, and in doing so, I share.” ~Coral-Lei Jane

“Actually, thinking about it, if you hadn’t persevered with me over these last months, I would most certainly have been in a horrible way. I may get overwhelmed with loneliness now, but imagine what my life would have been like if I didn’t have a safe healing place to go a couple of times a week. Imagine how closed off to life I would be if I didn’t get a heartfelt hug every once in a while. These are testimonials to your greatness. Thanks for being so great. :)” ~Scott

“I am so enjoying the Yin. I look forward to going to class every week. I am loving Zumba but I think the Yin Yin Yoga is life-changing. I am trying to get my friends to go too. It is relaxing and healing at the same time. She pushes us in some poses which is great and the other part of the class is working on muscle areas. I can’t express enough how grateful I am learning self-massage. I was rubbing my knee yesterday and she came up and pushed on my quads. Karen,… I nearly yelled it was so painful. The sitting for a month in vehicles and not much exercise or stretching stressed out my knee. Coral-Lei has the magic touch! I felt better after the 5 minutes of massage. I will keep working on others to try out the classes. cheers.” ~Linda D.

“Coral-Lei motivated me to do things I wouldn’t do on my own. We have fun, I feel wonderful afterward, I’m learning about my body and I thoroughly enjoy my sessions. Coral-Lei also varies the workouts so I am always challenged and never bored.” ~Anonymous

“Coral-Lei is an extremely gifted and intuitive professional, who can release tension like nobody’s business!” ~Karen Sydenham

Body Work

“Coral-Lei has been extremely helpful in treating my shoulder injury. Her compassion and knowledge of trigger point therapy has allowed me to regain mobility, and more importantly maintain a pain-free lifestyle. She provided me with exercises and techniques to relieve pain and promote healing. With her help, I am feeling stronger every day. Thanks Coral-Lei” ~Anonymous  

Animals Heal

“Coral-Lei’s treatment not only made me feel amazing physically, but also on a deep energetic level. I let go of tension I didn’t even know I was holding on to… She is a true healer and I was amazed by her extensive knowledge. Thank you for the bottom of my heart for a beautiful experience.”Tracy Sundbo RYT

“Coral-Lei has a gift – she is an intuitive healer and is able to zero in on where the pain and blockage is. She is without a doubt amongst the best massage therapists I’ve ever gone to.” ~Carl Katz

“I think this is a true testimonial to the very good work that you do…I have been going to Beijing for many years and I very often get a body w from the same lady each time. A couple of weeks ago I saw her again and during our season she asked if I do yoga? I told her that I started going last September (2014)). She said that she could tell as my body and especially my back now was very “tight” in a very good way!! What a great compliment for YOU!! So thank you Coral-Lei for the spectacular work you do in nourishing my body and my soul! With gratitude.” ~Debra Forman

Edna R. (9th Decade)

“What a gem you are Cj. Nothing and no one disturbed your focus on me, and you are so vigilant in seeing when I use the wrong muscles. Wow, what vigilance and observation powers you have.

I woke up feeling good, with no aches and notice less pain. So I congratulate YOU, and my heart is full of Gratitude to You.”
~Edna Reti

“A gifted teacher worth seeking out wherever she teaches and whatever the offering, especially the Trigger Point workshops.” ~James