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Find Your Posture 

Are you aware of your body’s strengths and weaknesses? We all have them, and understanding why they are and especially how to transform them takes time.

Unfortunately, for those of us who tend toward misalignments, this can lead to aches and pains, patterns of muscle weakness, and altered patterns of movement.

Knowing how important the posture is, let’s take a look at a few postural deviations:

A. Ideal Alignment

B. Kyphosis-Lordosis Posture: Head – forward, Neck- hyperextended, Thoracic Spine – increased flexion (kyphosis), Scapulae – abducted, Lumbar Spine – hyperextended, Pelvis – anterior tilt, Knees – hyperextended

C. Flat-Back Posture: Head – forward, Neck- slight extension, Thoracic Spine – upper-flexed and lower-straight, Lumbar Spine – flexed (flat), Pelvis – posterior tilt, Hip Joints – extended, Knees – extended

D. Sway-Back Posture: Head – forward, Neck- slightly extended, Thoracic Spine – increased flexion (posterior), Lumbar Spine – flexed (flat), Pelvis – posterior tilt, Hip Joints – hyperextended and anterior, Knees – hyperextended


Thankfully, there is help for any posture with a bit of effort. Depending on alignment, deviations, and the level of pain symptoms it’s all about finding the ideal exercise and treatment. To provide a daily engagement in an activity that works for you, with a correct amount of movement and creating a weekly regime it takes repetition and consistency.

Drink plenty of water the day before your treatment and avoid smoking or heavy meals for an hour before your appointment. Wear light clothing and layer. Bring a water bottle to fill up with Kangen Filtered Water.

Skip the scents, please. Avoid perfume, cologne, or other scents on the day of your treatment.

Trigger Point Myofascial Release™ (TPMR™)

Whether you are being treated by a practitioner or doing it yourself, the goal is the same, to stop the pain. Trigger Point has its own agenda since it has been described by a muscle staying in a contraction state. A trigger point is constantly working and it is about tricking them to stop contracting.

The protocol has shifted throughout the years and now they discover great benefits of keeping a Trigger Point from happening, again and again, by introducing the newly treated muscle to a long stretch. Often there is a need for ice and heat.

  1. PROPS; hands, fingers along with suction cups, even balls, rollers, and others
  2. MASSAGE; with props before stretching the stressed-out tissue
  3.  LEARN HOW TO;  use a deep breath when there’s compression to find pain and release trigger points
  4. USING LESS PRESSURE; on trigger points and understand that less is more
  5. STRETCHING WITH YIN YOGA; 3 to 5 minutes directly after releasing tissues (go home and stretch mindfully for 15 minutes)
  6. LONG HOLDS; feel the tissue letting go of tensions (subtly is the answer)
  7. CREATE CUSTOMIZED; individualized daily practice

Healing with Yoga

What is Yoga?

Teaching Alignment
Thread the Needle – benefits of this stretch include releasing the piriformis muscle (external rotator)

Yoga is an old discipline from India that is both spiritual and physical. Yoga uses breathing techniques, exercise, and meditation. It helps to improve health and happiness.

Yoga has been quoted as “the cessation of the modification of the mind.” Healing is personal and it must be taken slow, yet progressive, for healing to be sustainable.

Knowing that there are options to join from anywhere, we can still get together in one space… ZOOM!

Online Yoga Classes – Zoom

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Got Pain?

 Healing is Personal 

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